Supply of VBA Enabled Process Calculation Spreadsheets for in-house use


  1. Qatar Chemicals Company Ltd. Qatar (Q-Chem).
  2. Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. Navi Mumbai (GSL).

Preparation of Line sizing calculations for Water, Gas, Two phase fluids, VBA enabled Control valve sizing for Compressible fluid, Incompressible fluid,Two phase fluid, Orifice sizing as per ISO 5167-2-2003 for liquid and gas services, Orifice sizing as per ASME-MFC-14M-2001 for liquid and gas services, Separator sizing (Two / Three phase) as per API 12J, PRD (Pressure Relief Devices) sizing as per API 520, PVRV Sizing as per API 2000, Venting Calculations as per API 2000, Gas flow unit conversion calculations, Pump sizing calculations, training for Q-Chem & GSL process engineers, offsite &technical support contract for 1 year.

Oil and Gas ,Utility,Process, Piping, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, loss prevention and E&I engineering .